Engaged Wedding Library is a complimentary wedding planning studio located in the quaint neighborhood of Edgewood in Homewood.  Inside the industrial chic styled studio, the Engaged librarian meets with each bride, giving them direction in their planning process and access to wedding professionals that can make their dream wedding day a reality.  Appointments are FREE because Engaged is supported by members of the local wedding community.  Engaged proudly represents 100 of the best wedding businesses in Birmingham.  Brides leave Engaged with a vision, an action plan, less stress, and a new friend!   



Elizabeth’s passion for weddings all started watching TLC wedding shows as a little girl.  While attending UAB, she worked with two incredible floral designers and her passion for weddings and her love for wedding flowers blossomed.   As a newlywed, Elizabeth could not be more excited when a bride-to-be walks through the door.  Her job is a dream… her heart is to walk along side you as you connect with your vendors and most importantly as you prep to enter the most beautiful partnership our God has created. She will make your special planning time as easy, stress-free, and fun as possible. Elizabeth is a chocoholic who loves board games, dancing, and sparkly things.  Outside of her wedding world, Elizabeth and her incredible husband, Cason, have their sweet dog Mina who has been helpful in keeping “baby fever” at bay. 




Stephanie Whitaker’s first memory of the infectious allure of weddings came when she was a flower girl at age 7. Stephanie says, “I will never forget how much I dreamed of being a bride and loved all the festivities that came along with planning a wedding”.  Although she received a master’s degree in accounting and started her career as an auditor, in 2007 she joined the field where her heart had always been.  She opened Birmingham’s Perfect Wedding Guide publication and then Engaged Wedding Library a year and a half later.  Since then, she has worked with more than 200 wedding professionals in Birmingham.  Stephanie and her [hunky] husband Matthew, have 2 children, Scarlett and Knox.  Stephanie enjoys decorating, traveling, hosting parties, and date nights at Frank Stitt restaurants.