Jett Walker Photography



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phone: 843.597.5222
address1710 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama


Currently working as a photographer in Birmingham, Alabama, I am inspired every day by amazing and remarkable people. I have an uncontrollable desire to experience beautiful moments. Growing up running through my childhood neighborhood in Mount Pleasant, SC, I could always be found with pluff mud between my toes and the pursuit of adventure in my eyes. My love of water and obsession with mermaids stems from my summers swimming in the creeks of Charleston.  I am a little bit bossy (#oldestchildsyndrome), somewhat careful, quite silly and extremely loving. Creating is my life. My mom will tell anyone she meets that I wanted to be an artist before the age of 6. It is so true and once I started I haven't stopped; I have worked with ceramics, printmaking, all types of painting and drawing, wood working, metal work, graphic design and most importantly darkroom and digital photo processing. These experiences have allowed me to apply all of my photography, design, painting and even sculpting skills to my current work.  I love to create and I love to give. Being an artist has allowed me to do both these things in so many ways. I will never stop learning and loving what I do. Jett Walker Photography is a lifestyle wedding and relationship photography studio. My passion is capturing a wedding day in the most real and genuine way possible. Couples have such amazing and unique connections that make them who they are, I love allowing that connection to lead me and the way I photograph.


Laura was a Fine Art major in college and her eye for art makes her work stand out. Laura genuinely cares about the couple she is photographing. She believes that getting to know her couples will always lead to better photographs.  Check out her work and you will see what we mean :)