What Birmingham venues allow outside catering?

Now, I want to go over the venues here in Birmingham that are in the engaged group that allow outside catering. I'm going to go on my phone here and just pull up our list because unfortunately I can't do it by memory. I think we have about 30 venues in our group right now, and they are so good, and great to work with. Like I said, I've just got the website pulled up on my phone. Going through just in alphabetical order who allows you to bring in outside catering. Avon Theater has an approved list. BridgeStreet Gallery and Loft has the same, an approved list. Clubhouse on Highland is pretty flexible. I don't even know. I think they want the caterer to be licensed and insured, but as long as you get Bob's permission, I think they're pretty flexible with the catering. Douglas Manor, they're very flexible, so easy to work with. They definitely allow you to bring outside catering. Events at Haven, I believe they have a list, an approved list. And, also, if you'll notice a lot of the venue approved caterers are the ones that we work with in our engaged groups. That'll help you out there. The Hoover Randle Home allows you to bring in your catering, and again they're pretty flexible. They may have a list, but I think just kind of depending on the event. Of course, they want licensed and insured, but they're easy to work with too. Oak Meadow Event Center lets you bring in your own catering. Red Gates at Kelly Creek also does. Roots and Revelry, they used to allow outside catering, and I know they have a short list of approved caterers, but they also like to do the catering themselves through the restaurant, Roots and Revelry, which their food is awesome. That's one that may be changing or transitioning to in-house catering. I just don't know that for a fact, but right now I think you can choose from a short approved list. Soiree Event Center allows you to bring in your own catering. Windgate Farms does and Windwood Equestrian does as well. Yellowleaf Creek Mill, we have down at the bottom, they do as well. I hope this helps. These are the venues in our group that allow you to bring in your outside catering. Please check out EngagedBirmingham.com for a complete list of our awesome caterers and venues. Thanks.