How much is a day of wedding coordinator?

Hey guys. I'm Steph with Engaged. Today I want to answer the question, how much is a Day of Wedding Coordinator? Before we jump into their rates I want to explain exactly what a Day of Wedding Coordinator is and what she does. They're mainly hired to help execute the wedding day, just as it sounds. A lot of times the bride that hires a Day of Wedding Coordinator needs someone to direct the ceremony, tell you when to talk down the aisle, direct the wedding party, et cetera. Then she's going to keep the reception in order. So, help you know when to cut the cake, to do the first dances, and leave for the exit. There's not a lot of support before the wedding or after the wedding and a lot of times they have a set number of hours, for example the most common is probably eight hours. These are an affordable option because there is not much support before and after. The rates I've heard of here in Birmingham range from $650 up to $1,000. A lot of times, again I may have said this, but it's just one person that comes to help with that day. But anyway, I hope this helps. Again, I'm Steph with Engaged and please check our for a full list of our awesome wedding planners. Thanks.

Ultimately, they do so many things, but I think of a wedding planner as insurance that your day is going to go smoothly. This is like the most expensive party you've ever planned and the biggest party you've ever planned, and things are possibly going to go wrong, and you just need to have someone there that's not you or your mom or your mother-in-law or your best friend to manage issues as they pop up. It's insurance that everything will go smoothly that someone's got your back, they're making sure you're drinking water, they're checking in with the vendors and making sure they have what they need, so, answer to the question, do I need a wedding planner is yes.