How much is a full service wedding planner?

Hey guys, Steph with Engaged. Today I want to answer the question, how much does a full service wedding planner cost in Birmingham, Alabama? Full service wedding planners are an amazing asset to keep you completely stress free throughout your entire wedding. I would say this is not the most common wedding planner that is booked but for certain people, doctors, med students, law students, and lawyers, and other really busy professionals, this is a great option. Before we jump into how much they cost, I kind of want to tell you what it is that they will do. Basically, you will want to book with them as soon as you get engaged and you can reserve your date. They are going to be heavily involved in your vendor booking so they may or may not come with you on your appointments but some of them will help you book all of your vendors. Then, they're going to communicate with the vendors throughout your entire engagement, kind of just acting as a liaison between you and the vendors. Then, if you watch the next video, they're going to do everything that a day of planner does as well. A lot of brides that come to Engaged will book the month of planner because we help you with your vendor search and stay organized, and then they book the month up. For my brides that really don't have time to come into Engaged or have time to even meet with vendors and book the vendors, then the full service planning is the ideal option. For some girls ... I have a couple that wedding planning is just not their thing and so that is also a great option to hire a full service planner, if that's the case. For the ones that we work with in Birmingham, the prices are at least going to be $4,000. They range from $4,000 and up and it's just going to depend on that wedding planner's team, hours they're going to put in, and their experience. A lot of them will do more of a custom package based on your needs for wedding planning. I hope that helps. I'm Steph with Engaged. Please check out for our list of amazing wedding planners. We love these ladies and we know you will too. Thanks.