How much is a month-of wedding planner?

Hey guys, it's Steph with Engaged. Today I want to answer the question, how much is a month of wedding coordinator or wedding planner? First of all, let's go over what a month of wedding planner or coordinator does. This is an awesome option and definitely the most popular wedding planning option that our brides at Engaged book. It's kind of a hybrid between a full service planner and a day-of coordinator. You're going to book them when you get engaged because you need to reserve them for your date. Based on their packages they will offer a limited amount of service throughout your engagement, but the big portion of what they do comes a month before. Some do it six weeks before, so it's not totally black and white. But anyway, six weeks to a month before the wedding, you will sit down with this planner and she will go over a comprehensive checklist, make sure you haven't forgotten anything, make sure you booked all your vendors. Then she's going to get a list of all the vendors and their contact information. She will be the liaison between the vendors and you at that point. She kind of takes the reins for the vendor communication at that time. A month before the wedding, everything gets a little bit crazy, so this is a huge help, and a big burden off your shoulders while you're planning the wedding. The other things she's going to do that is super helpful is create a comprehensive timeline for the wedding. A lot of them will even start the timeline on the Friday night with the rehearsal. She's going to make sure that hair and makeup starts at the appropriate time, that she's given enough time to get photos taken, whether you do a first look or not. There are 100 million tiny little things that go into this timeline. It's very involved and again, she's going to be the one to coordinate with the vendors to make sure they know when they're supposed to setup and when they're supposed to tear down. She's also going to direct the ceremony if you need her to, and ensure that the day goes smoothly, that the timelines being followed, that the bride's well taken care of, has water to drink and all those important things, as well as make sure your parents don't miss the cake cutting and important monumental moments like that. Now, as far as the pricing at Engaged, we've got a couple of different planners and different categories. The way our planners have priced this is based on their experience, and the amount of team members that they bring to a wedding day. For example, we may have one girl with great experience, it's just one person, and she might start at $1,500 for month of wedding planning. Then I've got some that have got years, and years, and years of experience, and they may bring up to two or three assistants with them. Their pricing starts around $3000. Based on your needs, that's one of the things that we help you with at Engaged. We kind of help you figure out do you need the $1,500 day-of wedding planner or do you need the $3,000 one? We can kind of assess the situation and help you figure out what's best for you. But again, I'm Steph, please check out for our list of amazing wedding planners. I hope I answered your question, how much do you month of wedding planners cost? The range is about $1500 to $3,000. Thanks.

Ultimately, they do so many things, but I think of a wedding planner as insurance that your day is going to go smoothly. This is like the most expensive party you've ever planned and the biggest party you've ever planned, and things are possibly going to go wrong, and you just need to have someone there that's not you or your mom or your mother-in-law or your best friend to manage issues as they pop up. It's insurance that everything will go smoothly that someone's got your back, they're making sure you're drinking water, they're checking in with the vendors and making sure they have what they need, so, answer to the question, do I need a wedding planner is yes.