How much is a partial wedding planner?

Hey, guys. It's Steph with Engaged. Today I want to answer the question, what is a partial wedding planner and how much do they cost? Partial wedding planning, or some people call it different things, month-of or event management. It gets titled a bunch of different things, but I'm going to address the partial wedding planning that is more than month-of, but less than full service. This means that instead of just bouncing in to your planner and getting knee-deep into your planning a month before, they may work with you a couple of months before or provide a level of support throughout your engagement with maybe monthly or weekly phone calls to answer any of your questions, maybe helping you with some vendor decisions, and just be a little bit more involved than the actual month-of planner. For the pricing on a partial planner, the average that I've seen is about $2,500. It could be more or less depending on that wedding planner's experience, but if you watch the other videos, they're going to do everything that a day-of coordinator does and a month-of coordinator, but not as much as the full service planner. I hope that make sense and I hope that's helpful to you. Please check out for our list of amazing wedding planners. We love these ladies and we know you will, too.