I’m Engaged! What do I do first?

Hey, guys. It's Steph with Engaged, today I want to answer the question, what are the first things I need to do after I get engaged. Well, first thing to do is to relax and celebrate. I mean, you are getting married. Your life is about to change. So, please take time to enjoy just having a new ring, stare at it, do all the fun things associated with just getting engaged, post all the pictures, do all that fun stuff. Celebrate with your friends and family.

Then when you're ready to jump into the planning a couple of things become a priority. First of all, how many guests do you want to invite? That is a huge determining factor of which venue you book, your wedding budget. Generally speaking, the most expensive part of a wedding is the food and beverage, so, the bigger your guest list is, the more money you need to allocate to food and beverage. Also think about the style and the setting and just kind of what you've always envisioned for your wedding before you start making decisions. I encourage my brides-to-be, think about what they had always thought about their wedding and what it would be like so that you don't veer off and end up planning a wedding that is not like you at all. So, anyway, to recap, work on your guest list, think about budgeting and then start doing some venue tours. So, those are my first three things to do after you get engaged.

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