STEPHANIE whitaker

Stephanie Whitaker’s first memory of the infectious allure of weddings came when she was a flower girl at age 7. Stephanie says, “I will never forget how much I dreamed of being a bride and loved all the festivities that came along with planning a wedding”.  Although she received a master’s degree in accounting and started her career as an auditor, in 2007 she joined the field where her heart had always been.  She opened her first wedding business and then Engaged Wedding Library a year and a half later.  Since then, she has worked with more than 200 wedding professionals in Birmingham.  Stephanie and her [hunky] husband Matthew, have 2 children, Scarlett and Knox. Stephanie enjoys decorating, traveling, hosting parties, and date nights at Chez Fon Fon.



Mallie was raised watching "Father of the Bride" with her dad and "Say Yes to the Dress" with her mom. She always loved going to weddings with her family and admiring the beautiful bride in her elegant veil and fancy white dress. She even had a makeshift "photoshoot" one day as a little girl at home in her mother's wedding gown, and sure enough, that picture made its way to her own rehearsal dinner slideshow when she got married in June of 2017. After living in Wisconsin as a newlywed for her sweet husband's five-month job training, she returned to Birmingham where she stumbled upon the opportunity to join the forces at Engaged in order to help bring joy and clarity to so many women during such a special time of life - engagement! If Mallie is not baking or whipping up something in the kitchen, you can probably find her doing graphic design, eating chips and queso at Chuy's with friends and family, or at the lake soaking up the sun with her hubby.