What is the most difficult part of wedding planning?

Hey, guys. I'm Steph with Engaged. I want to answer the question: What is the most difficult part of planning a wedding? In my opinion, you're going to think this is crazy, it is putting together the guest list. So, the guest list is something that has to be done pretty early in your planning, because you have to know how many guests you're planning before you book your venue, and as you're working on your budgeting. But the guest list can be the most difficult thing to deal with when you're planning a wedding. A lot of times, your parents and your future in-laws may have in their mind that they want to have this huge, grand event and invite all of their church friends and coworkers and cousins, but maybe you had a different idea, you wanted it smaller. So, it's pretty hard to have those conversations with your future in-laws, saying, "Well, we really wanted a small event." Also, you've got to collect all these addresses from potentially hundreds of people, so that can be a pain. I always tell my brides to work on the guest list and get it done as soon as you possibly can. It's going to help you be organized during your planning, but that's also getting the worst part done with first. That is really a struggle. Also, it's helpful to have so that you can send your save the dates in a timely manner. You can also have it to write thank you notes as you'll start receiving gifts. It will be useful when you're planning your showers and parties, when you want to invite people, you'll already have their addresses. So, the guest list is the most challenging part. I will say, we have a awesome Engaged hack on our blog, and it's called our Guest List Creator Tool. You will thank me later. I'll walk you through on how to create a guest list and you will be blown away. You'll send your friends and family an email or text, and your guest list will be created by itself. It's amazing. So, that's on the EngagedBirmingham.com blog. Go check it out! Thanks.