Who Pays For What?

We interviewed Rachael Grammer with Two Hearts Wedding and Events and asked her a question that our brides and grooms have been asking us for years: "What exactly does the groom and his family pay for?" Rachael was able to answer our question and even gave us a cheat sheet that you can print and give to your future in-laws, if they ask ;)

Here is what Rach says....

When I first meet with brides, I’m often asked for help in determining who pays for what with all the wedding expenses. Traditionally, the bride’s family has always foot the majority of the wedding bill, but depending upon particular circumstances, I now see the groom’s family and the couple themselves paying portions of the wedding costs. Below is a list of traditional wedding expenses and responsibilities. While it’s a good point of reference, it’s not the absolute rule for who must pay for everything. It’s just a good list to start the budget discussions.

Rachael Grammer is the lead planner and owner of Two Hearts Weddings and Events. You can learn more about her and her company at 2heartsweddings.net.