Introducing... OUR BLOG!

Hi Friends! 

Eeeeekkk! We are totally pumped about launching our blog. We plan on using the blog to help brides learn about our amazing vendor partners, stay in-the-know about local wedding planning events, and have some fun while being engaged! The best part? We will be using VIDEOS (woohooo!) to get a lot of our messages out to our bridal community. Videos are great because we have so much valuable information to share but our brides are super busy and may not have time to pop into Engaged for a meeting. Videos can be watched anytime!  

Before we get started, I need to introduce myself.  Below is a quick "About Me" video. Now, I forgot to mention in my video below that you need to get used to seeing me in the same clothes over and over. I am constantly cleaning out my closet and selling my clothes on trading sites so I can have money to decorate my house (that is another topic for another blog post : ) That being said, my closet is pretty bare right now.  

XO, Steph

DISCLAIMER: We are not professional videographers. Please excuse the causal nature, sound and lighting issues, and not-so-professional quality of our videos.