What I've Learned After 13 Years of Marriage & Business

Hi there! As I was reflecting on our anniversary and the last 13 years, I was moved to put together some simple tips and nuggets of wisdom for you. I learned so many valuable lessons planning my own wedding. I took all that I learned and created Engaged with the hopes that we could help Birmingham brides plan a flawless wedding day. My wedding was certainly NOT flawless.  

I hope you will consider these things as you prepare for the most rewarding and humbling adventure of your life...becoming a wife. I love helping young women walk through this season of anticipation. Send me an email or come see me if you need someone to talk to or want someone to pray with you. 

To Matthew...thank you for supporting me and encouraging me as I pursue my passion. Annnnndddd for our incredible children and taking me on date nights to Fon Fon.