Guest List Creator Tool

Hi friends! You know how much we LOVE making wedding planning simple for you. Well, we just discovered an AWESOME tool for creating you guest list. Simply use your Google Account and follow these easy steps. Then, go enjoy being engaged while your guest list is magically created without you doing a thing. As Lauren said, "Mind. Blown." [WATCH VIDEO BELOW FOR FULL EXPLANATION]

Step 1:    Log into your Gmail or Google Account. 

Step 2:    Go to your Google Drive and create a Google Form. 

Step 3:    Create the guest list fields in the Google Form. 

Step 4:    Send the link to your guest lists via text or email. 

Step 5:    When you are ready to view the addresses that your guests have submitted, go to the form on your Google drive, then download the results into a spreadsheet. 

Step 6:  Pat yourself on the back for completing the most daunting task in wedding planning :)

We hope this helps you so much! Be sure to share this trick with all your engaged friends. 


Steph + The Engaged Girls