Groom’s To Do List

First, let me just say this to the guys:

Grooms, PLEASE don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us here at Engaged.

We love it when you come with your bride, or even by yourself! We know this can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help and make it fun!

So, let’s talk about what your responsibilities are when it comes to wedding planning:

  1. Collect names and addresses from your family for the guest list.

  2. Rehearsal dinner: venue, catering, drinks, rentals, photographer/videographer (optional, but sentimental), music, and a slideshow. If you send us an email, we can share our list of favorite rehearsal dinner venues with you!

  3. Offer to pay for the Bride’s bouquet.

  4. Help register for gifts This is a FUN one!

  5. Help find the band or DJ.

  6. Write the bride a sweet note for her to read on the wedding day.

  7. Buy the bride a wedding gift.

  8. Attend the cake & food tastings. This one shouldn’t be too hard!!

  9. Help write thank-you notes.

  10. Help choose exit transportation. You can always borrow from a friend or family member, but we also have friends over at Coats Classic Cars that are wonderful!

  11. Pick out and reserve groomsmen attire. We LOVE Mr. Burch over in Mountain Brook.

  12. Purchase groomsmen, usher, and ring bearer gifts.

  13. Honeymoon! Pro tip: a travel agent is no extra cost to you. Vacation Guru is a great one!


The Engaged Girls