Wedding Style Quiz


What do you want guests to remember most about your wedding?


What are your biggest priorities?

o    The date or time of year

o    Bringing in outside vendors

o    The venue

o    Accommodating a large guest list

o    Food and drink

o    Music

o    Wedding dress

o    Flowers and Décor

o    Photography or Videography

o    Other___________________


How many people do you think you will have?

o    Under 100

o    100 to 199

o    200 to 250

o    250 to 350

o    350 and up

o    Approximate number____________


What best describes the vibe of your ideal wedding? (Check all that apply)

o    Formal                 o    Fresh

o    Traditional           o    Party

o    Romantic             o    Low-key

o    Bohemian            o    Sleek

o    Rustic                  o    Intimate

o    Luxurious            o    Religious

o    Timeless              o    Fun

o    Classy                  o    Unique

o    Elegant                o    Modern

o    Destination          o    Hip 

o    Glamorous           o    Natural


What is your ideal time of day for the wedding ceremony?


Your ideal time of year?

o    Spring 

o    Summer

o    Fall

o    Winter

o    Date_______________


What colors inspire you?

o    Earth tones

o    Whites/Neutrals

o    Muted 

o    Citrus/Fresh

o    Jewel tones 

o    Golds/Metallics

o    Soft pastels 

o    Bold/Bright

o    Black with an accent color


Describe your ideal venue(s)

o    Church

o    Antebellum or historic home

o    Barn

o    Ballroom

o    Loft or warehouse

o    Hotel 

o    Private home 

o    Theater

o    Gardens

o    Field/outdoors

o    Waterfront

o    Private Club


Who will be helping pay for the wedding?

o    Bride’s family

o    Bride & Groom

o    Groom’s family

o    A combination of the above


Do you have a budget range?