What type of wedding planner should I hire?

Hey, guys. It's Steph from Engaged. Okay, now I want to answer the question "What are the different types of wedding planners, and which package should I book?"

So, I can really narrow them down into like three different categories. You've got your full-service wedding planners. Then you have a planner that offers packages like a month of or two months out worth of wedding ... some people call it partial wedding planning, so that's another one. Then you have a couple of wedding planners here in Birmingham will do like a week of planning service, or day of coordination.

Okay, so going back to the full-service planner. That's somebody for my super busy brides, whether it's students that are involved in med school, or they're professionals that cannot sneak away to do any of the wedding planning where their time just does not allow for vendor meetings, or maybe it's just a bride that says, "Wedding planning is not my thing. I'm not really into it, so I want someone to do the whole thing." In that case, I would recommend a full-service wedding planner.

The second mid section is what most of my brides at Engaged end up booking. The partial wedding planner or month of, there's different packages that are called different things, but basically you're going to book this planner when you get engaged. She may check in with you throughout the time, but you're going to book all your vendors. Then she's going to circle back around with you several weeks out, whether it's a month out or six weeks out, and get a listing of all the vendors that you've booked. You go over all the decorations that you need to happen and kind of everything you've done. She's going to make sure there aren't any loose ends and kind of clean up everything, and then take over about a month before the wedding and be your contact, be a representation of you for your vendors like the month before, so she'll take over vendor communications.

She's also going to write a very detailed timeline for your wedding. It may even start the Thursday before your wedding. Maybe it's when guests start arriving. She's already helping you deliver the gift baskets to the hotel rooms. Then she's going to have ... there's events on Friday. There's the bridesmaid luncheon. There's the rehearsal dinner. Then hair and makeup starts bright and early, so she's going to go through and make a comprehensive timeline for every little thing with vendor load in and load out. Then she's going to execute the day, and then make sure the tear down and all that's taken care of. She's going to be, also, with you to make sure you've got everything you need as you head out on your honeymoon.

So, the last option is the week of or day of coordination is more popular. These are kind of hard to find. Most wedding coordinators don't want to walk into your day and just they don't know what they're coming into, so this one's hard to find. But if you need somebody and you're on a budget, I feel like we can help you with this. But a day of coordinator's just going to show up that day and kind of execute the ceremony, manage issues as they pop up as best she can, but she doesn't really have a hand in the planning big picture. There may be some issues that pop up that day that if you had met with her earlier, she could have prevented.

The other random package, I have seen some that have like a week of coordinating package, and they just kind of intensely help you that week. They're a little bit more involved. Any last minute issues they've got more days to kind of wrap them up and get them taken care of.

So, that is the three different types of wedding planning and packages. I hope that helps. Please checkout EngagedBirmingham.com to see our list of amazing wedding planners, and we have planners for all budgets. Again, I'm Steph. Thanks for watching!

Ultimately, they do so many things, but I think of a wedding planner as insurance that your day is going to go smoothly. This is like the most expensive party you've ever planned and the biggest party you've ever planned, and things are possibly going to go wrong, and you just need to have someone there that's not you or your mom or your mother-in-law or your best friend to manage issues as they pop up. It's insurance that everything will go smoothly that someone's got your back, they're making sure you're drinking water, they're checking in with the vendors and making sure they have what they need, so, answer to the question, do I need a wedding planner is yes.

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