The FlashBar Photo Co.



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When I was little I tinkered with crafts, often begging my mom for more glue. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been making and creating. Even at a young age, I gave serious thought about who I would become when it was ‘my time’. You know, that apparent threshold where you cross into adulthood and find yourself doing impactful work with awesome people? Too often it felt like my threshold moved on me, when in reality I was wandering. Actually, I found myself helping students find their joy, while side-stepping my own.

It’s taken decades, two tedious degrees and serving students as an educator to fully embrace my creative senses. Eventually, my goals were bigger than my doubts and The FlashBar Photo Co. became my new reality. Self-taught in all aspects of business and photography, my enthusiasm for the process led me to my people. FlashBar brides wholeheartedly relate to stories like mine; a perfectly imperfect journey that infuses realness and wit to the creative process. By being creatively disruptive, I’m able to deliver better, and who doesn’t love better? We’re reimagining photo booths and the bold ways The FlashBar can display in your carefully curated reception. Your FlashBar photos are hilariously fun to snap at your wedding, but even more so beautiful as heirlooms for years of enjoyment. That same nostalgia is what gave The FlashBar breath and energy, and there’s no better way I’d rather serve you on your biggest and brightest day.


Unlike any photo booth I have yet to see! Matching a classy and new twist to this service, I have have no doubt that you will LOVE what Bradley has brought to our Birmingham wedding scene.