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A note from bre:

I love meeting new people and establishing friendships with my clients. It's hard to explain my style in simple terms because you or the subject is what inspires my work. Capturing images that tell a story, that reflect personality, emotion, and life is my goal. I'm glad I started photography at a young age because now I have those photos to look back at and memories to hold on to. Without photography it's so easy to forget the beautiful details of each other's lives. I want to capture those details in your life so you and future generations can keep them forever.

I graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Fine Art's degree. There I learned things like color, composition, expression, as well as art history. I then attended the world-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California. This was a technical school which provided me with a greater understanding of lighting, equipment, post production, and more. Having a fine art background from one school and a technical background from another gives my work a unique edge. I always knew I was going to be a photographer when I was young, so I've spent my whole life working and educating myself to be the best at what I do.

Just like I want to know all about you, let me tell you a few facts about me...
1. I never mix skittles when eating them, always one at a time in the order of yellow, orange, green, purple, red
2. I had imaginary flying kittens when I was little that I kept in a pouch. 65% of children have imaginary friends. I tried to do a photo series on this once but it fell through. Maybe if you tell me about yours I'll finish what I started!
3. Once when I was very young I thought if I put arm floaties around my ankles I'd be able to walk across the pool. You know, because they make you float... Instead I floated upside down and almost drowned.
4. I did Irish Dancing for 8 years. I have not danced for 8 years. I now only remember a handful of steps. But still do them every St Patricks day after a few drinks.
5. I once thought the purpose of living was to meet and make and impact on as many people as possible. I even chose a college where I knew no one and then considered transferring halfway through to meet more people. But then I met my the love of my life.


Bre is literally the most hilarious person we know.  When you get her incredible talent you also will have the absolute BEST TIME.


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