Eleanor Stenner Photography

Eleanor Stenner Photography


Use your Engaged Library Card on one extra hour of coverage for a wedding day package ($250 value).


website: eleanorstenner.com
email: hello@eleanorstenner.com


Hey, you! I'm Eleanor.

Can you believe you're engaged?! This season is full of sweetness, and I know that being an official Engaged bride helps you experience the excitement of it all!

Whether it's spending an hour with a newly engaged couple or getting a front row seat on a wedding day, as a wedding photographer, I have the honour of documenting stories.

My story is this: I'm British born and bred, now living in the Magic City. You'll find me saying "tomato" and "banana" a little differently from you! I graduated from Samford in 2015, and I'm living the dream by photographing sweet couples and creating tangible memories in my favorite city.

I believe that the glory of God is what we're made for. I believe in marriage- a covenant relationship with your forever love. I believe in creating art that evokes emotion, and I believe photography is a powerful tool to help us remember. I believe in remembering, celebrating, and capturing tender moments and working to document the beginning of your great adventure. 

Are you ready for the best day of your life? Your grandest adventure yet? The goal of my business is photographing endless love with vibrancy and class. If you'd like to grab tea (I'll show you how the English do it...pinkies and all!) Feel free to email me or connect on Instagram!