What are my Wedding ceremony options in downtown Birmingham, Alabama?

Hey guys. I'm Steph with Engaged. Today, I'm gonna answer your question, "What are my ceremony options for getting married downtown?" Basically you have three general options. The first one is a church, the second one would be a park, and the third one would be your actual reception venue. So, the first one let's talk about is churches. So, we have some beautiful historic churches downtown, and we have a lot to choose from, but they all have different rules, and they all have different pricing. I would say the pricing can range from $500 at some churches if you're a member, up to like $4500. So, you need to keep that in mind. Churches are not free. Secondly is a park. So, we've got several local parks, managed and operated by the City of Birmingham, so those are great options if you want to have an outdoor ceremony and then go to your indoor reception afterwards. The thing about the parks is some of them stay open to the public, so you have to consider that, and secondly you may have to have a tent on backup, in case there is rain or inclement weather. Okay, so third would be your reception venue. This has been really popular for our brides. A lot of them just like the convenience of getting married and having the reception in the same location. So, we have several venues large enough to accommodate a ceremony space and a reception space, and if they don't, then our venues will offer up the flip as an option. So, today the question was what are my ceremony location options for downtown Birmingham, and I'm Steph with Engaged. Please check out EngagedBirmingham.com to see a listing of all the ceremony locations that we love. Thanks!