What are my options for wedding venues in downtown Birmingham?

Hey guys it's Steph with Engaged. Today I want to answer the question, "What are my options if I want to do my wedding and reception in downtown Birmingham?" So, I'm going to quickly go over the different types of venues that we have downtown. First and probably the most common are our historic buildings. They have been renovated to accommodate weddings and receptions. So, within that category you've got your warehouses, your lofts, and your classic ballroom style venues. Next up, we have our historic homes. So, historic homes were once privately owned residences, they have a lot of cool architectural features, and a lot of them have outdoor spaces. So, if you want to incorporate the outdoors in your ceremony or have an indoor, outdoor experience for your guests, then that is a great option. Next up, we have our private clubs. So, we have a couple of clubs located downtown. Great views with more of a contemporary feel. So, they don't really have a historic feel so much. More clean, modern, country club feel if you will. And lastly, I made a category, it's like our specialty venues. So, we have Iron City, that's a concert hall, that also does a lot of weddings and receptions. And then we also work with Regions Field, which is the ballpark. And that one's been really popular. They have a huge ballroom with great views. So, I hope that helps. Determining your venue location will set the tone and the vibe of your wedding. So, consider all your options before you set your tours, and please check out engagedbirmingham.com to see a list of all the venues that we love. Thanks.