What do I book first?

Hey guys, it's Steph with Engaged. Today I want to answer the question, what is the first thing I need to book after I get engaged. And the answer is your venue. So, there's always this question of what comes first, the venue, or the date. Do you pick a date, and then look at all the venues that are available for that date? Or do you pick your venue and see what dates that venue is available and then choose your date? But either way, your venue, when you book it is going to determine your wedding date.

You really shouldn't book any other vendors, with one exception, and I'll get to that. You shouldn't book any vendors until you have your wedding venue. In Birmingham, different wedding venues have different catering lists. Some may have required certain in-house vendors, like in-house catering. Some even have in-house floral designers and some have in-house photography. So, there's really no need to look at anything else until you get your venue and your date locked in.

Now, the other caveat to that, is let's say you're getting married in a short amount of time. You don't know your exact date yet, you don't know your venue yet, you can go ahead and buy your wedding dress. Now again, you may want to book your venue before your dress because the venue may set the tone, or maybe you want to buy your dress to set the tone for the event. That is completely up to you. Dresses are one of the only things that you can buy or book that are not date sensitive. You have to order them in plenty of time because if you have to have a custom order they can take six to eight months to come in. But anyway, I hope that answers your question, what is the first thing I need to book after I get engaged.

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