What do i need to do before i send out my save the dates?

So here are five things that you need to do before you send your save the dates or before you design and order them. Okay.

First and foremost, let's go back to the most miserable part of planning a wedding. That's the guest list. I want you to have a really as close to accurate as possible guest list before you send your save the dates out. This is going to make you feel very organized. If you send save the dates kind of in pieces or you add people to your guest list in a little at a time, it can make you feel unorganized and you may question, did I send that person a save the date or not? So I say let's get your guests list as close to possible, as accurate as possible and then send those save the dates out in one batch. That way you feel like I've got that, I've done that. Check that off my list. So guest list is first.

Next is having your wedding website. I love wedding websites. They are the perfect place to put a lot of information about your wedding, like the location, you can put the dress code, what you want your guests to wear, obviously, and then the room block information, where you're registered and a lot of websites will even let guests RSVP online. So have your wedding website done so that you can put a link on your save the date. I hate to see a save the date cluttered up with a bunch of words and stuff on it, so the wedding website is a perfect way to make your save the dates just beautiful and clean. So just put your wedding website on there, but you need to have it done before you send them out. Okay.

Third is I recommend you have your photographer booked, your wedding photographer booked before you set up save the date or engagement pictures, because a lot of our brides will put an engagement photo on their save the date. That's probably the most popular thing to do. Well, most of our photographers include an engagement session in their package. So I don't want you to spend money booking just an engagement session for your save the dates when you end up booking a photographer that includes an engagement session in their package. So let's get together and talk about your wedding photographer and have that done before you start thinking about your save the date. And a little side note on that, photographers love to, a lot of them include an engagement session in their package because this gives them a chance to get to know you and you get to know them and they see how you act in front of the camera. So it's kind of like a practice for the wedding so you can kind of work some things out. Okay. So I want you to have your photographer.

Next up is I want you to have a vision, an overall design concept for your wedding and your colors. Because I want to see your save the date be a cohesive reflection of what the wedding is going to look like. Okay? So if your colors are black and white, then I would love for your save the date to reflect those wedding colors, the colors that the guests are going to see at the wedding and the colors of the guests are going to see on your wedding invitation. In the same is the formality of your wedding. So if you're having a very formal wedding, then consider that with the save the date, that you need to have a more formal look. Same if it's more casual than let your save the date, have a casual look. The save the date's the first things that a guest receives about your wedding. So let that set the tone for the wedding day. Okay.

And lastly, number five, I would say have a good idea of who you want to use as your stationer. So at Engaged we have four different local wedding paper experts and they love to get started with a bride designing save the dates, because this is going to let you make that save the date part of your paper suite.

Again, it goes back to the whole cohesive look of everything. And I want to tell you, a lot of our brides just go online, they upload a photo online and they order their save the date postcards and check it off the list. But I would say pause before you do that, because I would hate for you to send a postcard of you and your fiance, like hanging out in the woods or something, and then you end up having like a black tie wedding that doesn't really flow. So I want the whole event to flow. Use one of our local stationers. They're amazing. You can find a list of them at engagedbirmingham.com and email me if you have any questions or if you want to bounce ideas off about save the dates. All right, that's it!

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