What is a wedding venue flip?

Hey there. I'm Steph with Engaged. Today I want to answer your question, "What is a wedding venue flip?" So, great question.

A lot of our brides love the idea of having their ceremony and reception in the same location, but maybe the venue is not quite large enough to have a separate space for their ceremony, and a separate space for the reception. So, what we do is, the venue will set up for the ceremony, and then after the ceremony's over, the guests will be asked to go to a certain area of the venue. Either, that's like a pre-function space, a lobby, a little outdoor area. In the meantime, the wedding venue, and your wedding planning team, will tear down the ceremony stuff. The chairs, break them down. Reconfigure that space with tables and chairs. The caterer will then set up all the food. Linens will go on the tables. Tabletop arrangements will be set out, so the flips can range in time.

It depends on how involved the reception is. So, if it's a buffet reception, then the flip can go pretty quickly, because they just have to set up the buffet tables. If it's a seated dinner, then the flip may take a little bit longer, because they're having to sit the menu cards and set the table essentially. But, I will say, the venues that we work with are awesome at pulling off a flip.

It also gives your guests a fun little mix and mingle time, the cocktail hour in between the ceremony and the reception. So, that's always fun too. But, I hope that helps.

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